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This course is for educators that want to disrupt the status quo but don’t know how. Or, they know how but could use some help and support along the way. Given the overwhelming readership of my January 2014 blog post The Five Habits of Innovative Educators featured on The Huffington Post, I have designed this online learning experience around the 5 habits. The foundation of the course includes 6 high-quality video lectures from the instructor, Courtney O’Connell. However, the best part about this course is the curated content! Guest lectures from innovators in and outside of education, innovation case studies written by innovative educators, and THREE live Q&A sessions with innovation thought leaders.

The curriculum includes 6 sections which are outlined below. For a better idea of the key concepts covered in each section please take a look at this eBook.

  • Innovation in Education: What’s happening and why is it so hard to create change? How can a focus on habits create disruptive change in education?
  • Habit #1: Idea-blending
  • Habit #2: Seeking and infusing feedback
  • Habit #3: Failing fast and forward
  • Habit #4: Passionate curiosity
  • Habit #5: Belief in students

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